Center of Hope is a long-term faith-based residential program for individuals struggling with drug, alcohol, and cognitive-behavioral problems.  Through our many donors, we are able to provide our rehabilitation home completely cost-free. Center of Hope’s vision and purpose is to provide a long term residential program:


  • To see individuals completely free from alcohol, substance abuse, and cognitive behavioral problems by providing a twenty-four hour rehabilitation program that promotes residents to follow a Godly life through prayer, church services, Bible studies and counseling


  • To help restore marriages and families that are broken due to neglect through substance abuse.


  • To emphasize that our real problem is the condition of our heart and that everyone has fallen short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23).  By sending his Son Jesus, we now have reconciliation through Him (John 3:16).


  • To develop a Godly life in all our residents that conducts a character of integrity, teamwork, direction, and self-discipline.

W O M E N'S    H O M E


  • Center of Hope follows a strict schedule everyday and it is mandatory that all residents follow it accordingly.  A normal day will consist of three times of prayer and will last about an hour each time and three Bible and/or church services a day.  Every week all residents are also required to fast (abstain from eating) all day Thursday and Friday until 4:00 pm.  During the day there will be chores that are required to be done.  Any chore that is given to during the day must be completed in its entirety.


  • Clients must be willing to follow program guidelines including chores, prayer, weekly fasting, and church attendance and Bible studies.




  • Clients are under supervision twenty-four hours a day.  They are never allowed to leave the premises alone.  If required by the city/district courts to attend anything outside our program, clients will be escorted by a staff member.

  • First ninety days – no contact policy, clients cannot make or receive phone calls, letters, or visits.  After 90 days, letters may be sent or received from immediate family/spouse

  • (no fiancés/fiancées/boyfriends/girlfriends)

  • one monthly visit can be made by immediate family/spouse only if approved by Program Director.  These are privileges that can be taken away at Center of Hope’s discretion.

  • We have seen our uncompromising supervision produce a lasting change in many of our clients. 

Medical Policy


  • There are no mind altering/psychotropic medications or prescription narcotics permitted.  If clients have been taking prescribed medication for a long period of time, they will need clearance from their medical doctor to discontinue  these medicines. 

  • Mild pain reliever (Aspirin/Tylenol) and over the counter allergy medication is okay, but will be locked up and dispersed as needed. 


  • Center of Hope is a non-medical facility and if clients have extensive medical problems they may not be eligible for Center of Hope.


  • If clients require any medical attention, they need to handle it prior to entrance into the program.  There will be no doctor visits, dental visits, eye exams, etc., with the exception of going to the emergency room in extreme cases.



  • Clients are taught to value themselves and their God given responsibility of being a member of their family as well as parenting their children.

  • We strongly believe in the ‘family unit’ as designed by the Word of God and support the restoration of families, however our main priority at Center of Hope is the enrolled client.

  • Center of Hope staff supervises all visits, and documents the interaction of parents and their children. We observe the strengths and weaknesses in order to better help our clients become a loving, nurturing, responsible and balanced parent.

  • Center of Hope is a child friendly and safe environment, because the church has nursery programs, and children’s church classrooms, these rooms and their toys, games, and activities are available to Center of Hope clients for their court ordered visits.

  • Not all clients will be able to meet with their children outside of our regular visit schedule unless ordered by the courts or approved by our head counselor.

  • No registered sex offenders or violent offenders are permitted in the program.

Court Orders

Court Ordered Outpatient Programs:


We ask that all outpatient programs be postponed until the client successfully completes Center of Hope.


i.e. Domestic Violence, Theft Class, Offender Therapy, Family Therapy, Trafficking School, Parenting Class, Counseling etc.


If this is not possible, all outpatient services that are a condition of probation or of a court order must be advised that the client will be accompanied by a Center of Hope Staff member at all times.


  • We will comply with any mandatory classes, appointments, or court dates that are required by the courts as probation. However, we are not able to pay for any charges due for these. If the individual is unable to pay these charges, they may seek assistance through a family member.


  • If clients have any type of requirements set through the social service department, each case will be reviewed individually and appropriate action will be determined per case.



  • No client in the residential program is allowed to have gainful employment.  We do not currently offer any type of outpatient program.  If required to pay any fines or restitution, we may request that they be deferred or suspended until clients have completed our program; clients may also have an outside family member pay them.


  • Clients may have an outside family member support them financially by having them bring any amount of money that can be placed on their books.  Clients are allowed to have a small amount of money on them that can be used to buy snacks and drinks from vending machines located on site.  Any amount of money on client’s books may be used to pay for ua’s/ba’s or for emergencies that may arise.


Completion of Center of Hope:


Center of Hope is a faith-based long term inpatient program. There is not a set timeline for any client. Center of Hope requires a minimum of a one year commitment.


A successful completion is entirely dependent on the behavior, conduct, and progress of each individual client.


Discharge Policy:


On the occasion that a client desires to leave the program prematurely, we will discharge them as we are not a lock down facility.


If for any reason a client should leave the facility without permission, Probation, the Courts, and any other Supervisors of the client would be notified immediately.